Introducing Starling.js

Starling.jsAlmost 2 years ago, Starling was born, an open-source ActionScript 3 framework for game development powered by Stage3D in Flash. In the past year, the momentum we have seen around Starling has been fantastic. Companies like Zynga, Rovio but also many small studios or indie developers have been using Starling to create beautiful mobile and desktop games. The Starling community has been growing with today over 3000 members of the Starling forum contributing extensions and improving the framework everyday.

With the growing demand around mobile browser-based games, we thought it would be useful for developers who love Starling to be able to use the framework they know on top of web standards. Starling.js is based on canvas (WebGL in the longer term) and is developed with TypeScript, allowing developers to choose over the plain JavaScript or TypeScript version to leverage ES6 features and valuable things like optional static typing.

Here is small class, showing what it looks like:

We hope you will love Starling.js, we just posted a little demo here. Daniel posted some more details on his blog.

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Posted on May 2, 2013 by Thibault Imbert · 3 comments