for October, 2013

Shape of my heart

Technology, a means to an end

Today, I had the chance to give a talk at the University of Arizona (Tucson) called “Technology, a means to an end” (video recording available here). I shared my perspective on technology and how I approach it today. To summarize it, I see technology as serving a goal, and never the reverse. Never be religious about technologies, they come and go. Focus on your goal, implementation is a detail.

Session description:

Technology is fascinating, but should this be what’s driving us? What are the things you can do to differentiate yourself today? With all that noise, what are things you should be looking at? In this talk we will look at the different technologies available today to build amazing experiences and what’s coming tomorrow. We will focus on the importance of learning, crafting and getting out of your comfort zone and most importantly, never be religious about a technology.

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