Hi, this blog is dedicated to my JavaScript experiments. I am working at Adobe, driving Web Platform strategy, focused on graphics and JavaScript. If you want to contact me, you can reach me at timbert [at] adobe [dot] com but should be quicker on Twitter: @thibault_imbert


Thibault Imbert is a Group Product Manager on the Web Platform team focused on graphics and JavaScript. After a few years working for different agencies as a Flash developer, Thibault released in 2008 a free ActionScript 3 ebook called Pratique d’ActionScript 3, which was rewritten for Flash Player 10 and released by Pearson in 2009. In 2010, Thibault led the Stage3D effort which revolutionized graphics in Flash powering games like FarmVille 2, Angry Birds or Kings Road on Facebook  and introduced ActionScript workers in Flash, bringing concurrency to ActionScript developers. He recently wrote a book called “Introducing Starling” on the Starling framework which he led, to provide 2D GPU acceleration through Stage3D. Recently, Thibault led the Adobe Scout team, to transform the way developers profile Flash content. Most of his past Flash experiments are available on bytearray.org. You can find on this blog his most recent experiments with JavaScript and web technologies.