Set All Properties Inside A JavaScript Object To False

In this article, we will cover how to set all properties inside a JavaScript object to false. To achieve this, we need to generate an array from the object keys using the `Object.keys()` method and then iterate over the generated array and change the corresponding value for each key to `false`.

Set All Properties Inside A JavaScript Object To False

First, let’s start by creating a new object and initializing it with values –

const obj = {

  key1: "value1",

  key2: "value2",

  key3: true


Then, we will create an array with the object keys using the `Object.keys()` method –

const keys = Object.keys(obj);

If we print the `keys` array on the console, we will get all the keys in the `obj` object –

printing the keys array on the console

Now, we will loop over the array of keys and for each key, we access its corresponding value inside the object and set it to `false`. We will use a `for..each` loop to achieve this –

keys.forEach((key) => {

  obj[key] = false;


If we print `obj` on the console now, we will get our object printed and we will see that all the values inside of the object are set to `false`.

all keys are set to false inside the object

Finally, we can wrap our logic into a function so that we can apply it on any object we like.

const setKeysFalse = (object) => {

const keys = Object.keys(object);

  keys.forEach((key) => {

    object[key] = false;


return object;


If we call `setKeysFalse` function inside a `console.log()` statement, we will get back our object with all the values set to false.

function sets all values to false

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