Workers of the Web - BrazilJS

Workers of the web – BrazilJS 2013

I presented a talk this week at BrazilJS called “Workers of the Web”, about concurrency in JavaScript.
Thanks again to Felipe Nascimento de Moura and Jaydson Gomes for an awesome conference.

Have a look at the videos recap of day 1 and day 2.

You can find the slides below.

Posted on August 25, 2013 by Thibault Imbert · 4 comments
  • Richard K

    hey Thibault! i was at this presentation last week, but forgot to make a question to you – and it doesn’t fit in twitter, lol. well, in your speech it was told that we can have as many web workers as we want (as long as they are necessary, of course) and even do ajax/xhr/whatever and stuff inside them. now, my question: most browsers have the “limitation” of 2 concurrent connections at the time, afaik – no matter if it is ajax, css loading, image loading …. by using web workers, it is possible to increase this amount or i’ll get stuck with only two? btw, your speech was afudê! cheers, richard.

    • Thibault Imbert

      Hi Richard,

      Happy you liked the talk aha!

      AFAIK it it not possible to increase that limitation through the use of web workers. Btw, some browsers are limited to two, but recent ones can apparently allow up to 6 per domain:

      Hope this is helpful!

      • Richard K

        yeeeeeeeeees, I came through some stuff after questioning you. well, i’m a little proactive, and …. i was reading Qt’s webkit source code after. to my surprise, the number 6 is right: 6 http requests; 4 pipelines and 2 concurrently. other browsers are, well, often the same (except our little friend ie). but, just to get you happy: those numbers i wrote are HARD-CODED into the source! roflmao. i got out of work today laughing a lot with my co-workers about this … well, we’re having an adventure into the Qt 5.x world, and … it is NOT fun. at all. anyway, AFUDE! :)

        • Thibault Imbert

          Aha, thanks for confirming.